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Unit Views Clicks Created Changed Licence Owner Language Level Words Media Time Buttons Files   Title Text or Summary
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265383732012-02-272012-03-04BY-SARitaLietuvių249vid 3:10Kaip pasigaminti veido kremą namuose
195773312012-01-252012-01-26BY-SAAstaSLietuvių123vid 2:31making acorn coffee/ giliu kava
25687602012-02-132012-02-13BY-SAAstaSLietuvių77vidshort lithuanian folk song learnt by spanish
1929497142014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA1 84vid 2:30in the students' canteen
193353702014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA2 112vid 1:38At the airport
193851232014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA2 106vid 1:06At the family doctor
194250202014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA2 148vid 2:02At the library
192746012014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA2 223vid 1:07In a Health Centre
193154802014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA2 104vid 1:15Telephone inquiries
193256702014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųA2 133vid 1:11Time
193953932014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 178vid 1:54At the police station
194150402014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 253vid 3:43At the restaurant
193048502014-04-232014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 221vid 2:37CHOOSING A STUDY PROGRAMME
192648102014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 314vid 4:53I have bought a computer
112092002013-04-232013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB1 175vid 1:443Kaip pagaminti saldainių medį
192863012014-04-232014-04-23BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 416vid 7:15Kaunas - my town
194344812014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 256vid 3:44Looking for job
28566132012-03-302012-03-30BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 33vid1Old folk song with views from Lithuania
118771272013-07-04BY-SAfredLietuviųB1 772vid 9:40Studento vaizdo įrašo stenograma
111857502013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB1 211vid 2:383STUDIJŲ PROGRAMOS PASIRINKIMAS
111959602013-04-232013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB1 114vid593Sveikata
1944399142014-04-28BY-SAAstaSLietuviųB1 152vid 1:29Video rent
112166932013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB2 255vid 3:453Darbo paieška
1130796152013-04-252013-04-26BY-SARasaZLietuviųB2 582vid 3:322Laura Trice siūlo mums visiems sakyti ačiū
27472302012-03-032013-04-23BY-SAS1monaDLietuviųB2 123vid1Lietuvos tautiška giesmė
892148612012-12-142013-07-03BY-SAfredLietuviųB2 1065vid15:391Vadovas kaip dirbti Clilstore sistemoje
112963502013-04-252013-04-25BY-SARasaZLietuviųC1 639vid 4:521Hannah Brencher: Meilės laiškai nepažįstamiesiems

27 units found

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