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123449162013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 599vid 7:401no_wordlinkA Very Traditional Lunch
123743342013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 138vid 3:221no_wordlinkBaba Dochia
123642922013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 138vid 6:442no_wordlinkModalitatea de cablare a unui astfel de ştecher Britanic
123555922013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA1 1256vid13:171no_wordlinkRomanian Challenges
111199422013-04-162013-07-16BY-SAfredRomânăA2 272vid 5:281no_wordlinkCablarea unui stecher (Intermediate)
123342312013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA2 352vid 4:361no_wordlinkFarsa - A Practical Joke
123143502013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA2 210vid 9:061no_wordlinkFestivitate Rectorat
123044542013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăA2 155vid 2:561no_wordlinkFlorica Villa – History and Culture
123237702013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB1 472vid 3:521no_wordlinkIon Bratianu Cultural Centre
123836182013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB1 277vid 3:001no_wordlinkThe Job Interview
13123712011-10-062013-04-20BY-SAcaoimhinsmoRomânăB1+272vid 5:282no_wordlinkCablarea unui stecher
122760902013-07-172013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB2 908vid 7:25no_wordlinkTurism Argesean
122839602013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB2 556vid 6:45no_wordlinkTurism Argesean partea 2
122940702013-07-17BY-SAfredRomânăB2 556vid 7:261no_wordlinkTurism Argesean partea 3

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