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Unit Views Clicks Created Changed Licence Owner Language Level Words Media Time Buttons Files   Title Text or Summary
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2438432432015-01-17BY-SAluoshuf3223中文A1 166vidA poem from future
243736162015-01-17BY-SAluoshuf3223中文A1 100vidA poem from the future
5828312512017-06-252017-06-25BY-SAyyuu中文A1 439vid 4:041Blue and White Porcelain
722818612018-12-03BYmaster dla中文A1 55vidLa entonación de chino mandarín
24271175122015-01-172015-01-17BY-SAKatie中文A1 365vid2Mr. Fool Wants to Move the Mountains
80362622019-12-022019-12-02BY-SAmaster dla中文A1 102vid中国装逼四大天王 Los cuatro reyes del pijo chino
722320912018-12-032018-12-03BYmaster dla中文B1 78vidCanción 《沙漠骆驼》 Camello en Desierto —— Cantante: 展展与罗罗
80352322019-12-022019-12-02BY-SAmaster dla中文B1 47vidMANGZHONG
723219012018-12-03BYmaster dla中文B1 20vid歌曲 往后余生
721421432018-11-29BY-SAmaster dla中文B1 39vid王貳浪《往后余生》
803428122019-12-022019-12-03BY-SAmaster dla中文B1 23vid那英肖战 跟着感觉走
724322412018-12-03BY-SAmaster dla中文B2 100vid 3:011奇葩说第5季片段 傅首尔称强扭的瓜不甜总比渴死好
724216102018-12-03BY-SAcincooo中文B2 56vid 9:02慢慢喜歡你-karen mok
723917602018-12-03BY-SAmaster dla中文C1 11Mercurio
803229102019-12-022019-12-02BY-SAmaster dla中文C1 35vid 2:58中国官员级别
18386571422014-04-01BY-SAElin中文C1 3124从百草园到三味书屋
80372562019-12-022019-12-02BY-SAmaster dla中文C1 22vid壹读视频 165 从“张伟”到“子涵”,中国人起名有多爱扎堆?
722920702018-12-03BY-SAmaster dla中文C1 1vid 4:401水星记-王俊凯
11591025302013-05-162013-09-17BY-SAfred中文C2 1432vid 7:47Liu Bolin: The invisible man

19 units found

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