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Unit Views Clicks Created Changed Licence Owner Language Level Words Media Time Buttons Files   Title Text or Summary
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139913621242013-09-292019-11-20BY-SA123SpanishtutorEspañolA1-126vid2Beginners - Identify basic objects
1591993222014-01-09BY-SA123SpanishtutorEspañolA1-54vid1Ser o estar
831875152020-02-132020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-7512COOL - Cádiz [Más info]
811515372020-01-172020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-259vid 1:3921COOL - La lista de la compra (The shopping list)
83257612020-02-142020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-21COOL - La lista de la compra [actividades]
82048502020-01-312020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-52vid 1:391COOL - La lista de la compra [traducción]
8300107132020-02-132020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-208vid 1:3921COOL - Mi rutina (My daily routine)
83267002020-02-142020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-21COOL - Mi rutina [actividades]
83115002020-02-132020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1-49vid 1:391COOL - Mi rutina [traducción]
603130842017-10-17BY-SAgbarrainkuaEspañolA1-152Prueba Safety
15618312832013-12-212013-12-21BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 1731Breve historia del crucigrama
3271436112015-11-13BY-SAgomezinmaEspañolA1 31vidCanción de los días de la semana
15327891312013-12-092020-02-13BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 67vid 3:0131COOL - Cádiz
83274802020-02-142020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 11COOL - Me gustas tú [actividades]
81659712020-01-212020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 1603COOL - Me gustas tú [actividades]
812398142020-01-202020-02-14BY-NC-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 421vid 3:561COOL - Me gustas tú [canción]
9218032202013-01-162013-01-25BY-SAyasinbahceciEspañolA1 2072El pueblo de Celia
882656242012-12-12BY-SAyaseminEspañolA1 210El pueblo de Celia
1562613672013-12-212013-12-21BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 1414Evacuados de Fukushima
1807778582014-03-232014-09-26BY-SA123SpanishtutorEspañolA1 168vid2Learn Spanish by watching videos! - Beginners - Introduce yourself and a friend to others
603235202017-10-17BY-NC-SAb.martinezEspañolA1 132Prueba
603064402017-10-17BY-SAluis carlosEspañolA1 12vidPrueba crear unidad
496122433661542017-03-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 11S1-2. Presentarse
49624054144422017-03-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 7S3. Presentarse
4963234566082017-03-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 9S4. La ropa
4964209781422017-03-312017-03-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 7S5. La casa
4965141631332017-03-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 5S6. ¿Dónde está?
4966149243302017-03-31BY-SAcrisnavarroEspañolA1 6S7. En la calle
1381735132013-09-162013-09-16BY-SAcheloEspañolA1 742Trabalenguas - Tonguetwister

29 units found

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