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Housing Installations. Electricity, water, gas and air conditioning.


Activity 1. Expression of knowledge of students about the electrical installation in the house.

Activity 2. Motivational video presentation about the electricity distribution. See video "Understanding the electrical Grid”

Activity 3. Identify and describe the operation of the different elements that make up a general control panel and protection. There will be couples as this will allow them to discuss, compare and discuss among themselves the elements of the painting protection, establishing close similarities with reality, the picture for the protection of their own house. 

Activity 4. Graphical representation.

Activity 5. Analysis of the electricity bill. With the help of your family, analyze your own electricity bill, stating in your notebook:

Activity 6. Motivational video presentation about how to save electricity.



Activity 1.Expression of knowledge of students about the water installationinthe house.


Activity 2. Motivational video presentation about the originand distributionof water. See button How Does Water Get to Your Tap?

Activity 3.Correctlyrelatesthe followingidioms:

To be in deep water=To be in a difficult situation which is hard to deal with:

To be out depth=To be in a situation that is too difficult for you to deal with:

To be like a fish out of water=To feel awkward / uncomfortable because you are in an situation which you have not experienced before:

To pour cold water on something=To be critical of a plan that others thought was exciting or great:

To blow something out of the water=To defeat someone or something that you are competing with, or to achieve much more than they do:

Water under the bridge=Something is water under the bridge when it belongs in the past isn't important or troubling any more:

Does not hold water=When something does not hold water it seems that it an idea, plan or statement is wrong or false:

To be dead in the water=When something is dead in the water it has stopped making any progress, it has failed and has no hope for the future:

To come hell or high water=This expression means "no matter what happens":


Activity 4.Fill a table of individual components of the installation of water and drawing their symbols indicating its usefulness. This will allow you torelate concepts and thus acquire significant learning

Activity 5.Analysis of the water bill. With the help of your family, analyze your own water bill, stating in your notebook:

Activity 6. Motivational video presentation about how to save water.


Activity 1.Identify the main ideas and make an scheme of a conceptual map of an article related to gas.

Activity 2.Fill the following sentences with the correct word:

Activity 3.Link arrows through the two columns:

Activity 4.Explain with your words and writes:

Activity 5.Analysis of the gas bill. With the help ofyour family analyze your own gas bill, stating inyour notebook:


Activity 1.Refrigeration cycle.

Activity 2.Teamwork.






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