This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.


3.Watch and listen to the next video.

4.Listening comprehension.

Once you have understood the video, check your knowledge by answering the "test 4"

5.Concept map

Fill the gaps in the following concept map with the words you can find in the box.


 Let's have a look at the test 6 which has been attached in a new tab.

7.Speaking activity

Complete your Bingo card

Go to the Bingo tab and open the document.

As you can see, in your card there are some boxes with several gaps you need to fill and various boxes with some information.

Ask your partner for the information you need to complete your card and then you will be asked for telling him the data he needs.

If you find it necessary, use these language frames:

How many


has this element got

   surrounding its nucleus?


   in its nucleus?



What is

the value of

   its atomic number?

   its atomic mass?

   the Z?

   the A?

the symbol of the element

   that has (number) protons?

   that has (number) electrons?

   that has (number) neutrons?

   whose atomic number is (number)?

   whose atomic mass is (number)?

This is the end of the item 1. We shall now continue with the plenary discussion.

Go back to the plan unit and begin item 2.

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