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The Colors of nature: Webquest Van Gogh

Van Gogh from Philip Scott Johnson on Vimeo.

In this didactic sequence, the students must develop the task contained in the webquest "The colors of nature". This is a task-based learning activity.

To perform the work that it is described in the webquest, the students should follow the itinerary and resources specified in the PROCESS section.
Thus, the search for information on the internet will take place in class, in the computer room, and will guided through the WebQuest by teacher.
In order to do the task, one of Van Gogh's paintings of his post-impressionist period is assigned to each student by the teacher (Van Gogh's paintings 1 and 2).
The work to be performed by students is described in TASK section.
The assessment appears in the EVALUATION section (analytic rubrics).






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