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Alien Periodic Table


34. Periodic puzzler


Imagine that scientists have made radio contact with life on a distant planet. The planet is composed of many of the same elements as are found on Earth. However, the inhabitants of the planet have different names and symbols for the elements.The radio transmission gave data on the known chemical and physical properties of 30 elements that belong to Groups 1, 2, 13, 14,15, 16, 17, and 18.

Problem 1: Where do the alien elements fit in the periodic table?

Some clues to the element’s identity are listed below. The elements fall into these families or groups.

D Z R Pi

Bo L J Wo

Fx Hi T El

Pf By Ch, X Q

Yz E An Do

M Ss G

Kt V A

Oz Up Nu

Place each code letter in its proper space in the table below regarding the ensuing clues:


1.   The noble gases are bombal (Bo), wobble (Wo), jeptum (J), and logon (L).

      Logon (L) has one more proton than Apstrom (A)

      Apstrom (A) is in the second period

      Wobble (Wo) has the largest atomic number in its group

      Bombal (Bo) has two protons

 2.   The lightest element of all is called pfsst (Pf) and it has only one proton

      Byyou (By) its an alkaline metal

      Byyou has an atomic number less than Quackzil (Q) but greater than Chow (Ch)

      Xtalt (X) has the largest atomic number in its group.

3.   Apstrom (A), vulcania (V), and kratt (Kt) are non-metals

      Apstrom (A) is a halogen

      Kratt (Kt) has atoms that are heavier than Apstrom but lighter than Vulcania (V)

      Vulcania (V) is at the same period tan Quqakzil I Wobble.

 4.   The metalloids are ernst (E), highho (Hi), terriblum (T), and sississ (Ss).

      Sississ is the metalloid with the greatest atomic mass.

      Ernst is the metalloid with the lowest atomic mass.

      Highho and terriblum are in Group 14.

      Terriblum has more protons than highho.

 5.  The heaviest element in the group of 30 is eldorado (El)

      Yazzer (Yz) touches the zigzag line, but it's a metal, not a metalloid.

      Doadder (Do) has atoms that are heavier than the atoms of Yazer.

      Anatom (An) has one electron less than Eldorado (El)

6.   Doggone (D) is an alkaline earth metal.

      Zapper (Z) has an atomic mass greater than Doggone but less than Rhaatrap (R)

      Pastis (Pi) is at the same period than Xtalt

 7.  Magnificon (M), goldy (G), and Sississ are all members of Group 15.

      Goldy has fewer total electrons than Magnificon

8.   Floxxit (Fx) is important in the chemistry of life. It has six protons in its nucleus

      Ernst has an atomic number one less than Floxxit.

      Goldy (G) has an atomic number one more then Floxxit.

 9.  Urrp (Up), oz (Oz), and nuutye (Nu).

      Nuutye has the smallest atomic number in its group

      Urrp is found in period 4.

     Oz has a lower atomic number than Urrp.

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