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Introduction to computer networks and the internet


Guess the meaning of the following terms: device, resource, share, cable, wireless, metropolitan, local, wide,..

What do you know about networks and internet: how internet works, know how music, videos, etc. arrive at home, how signals go to one place to another until they receive in their mobile phones messages from their friends, etc.

Interesting language points about the video:


  • Use of the word 'network' as a verb and not as a noun.

  • Noticing the pronunciation of words like coherent or router (compared with our adaptation 'ruter').

  • Highlighting that there is no rule of thumb to pronounce acronyms (ISP versus MAC).

  • Possible difficulties introduced by phrasal verbs: take off, wake up, come in, come over,etc.



Watch the following video and summarize the main characteristics of a hub, a switch and a router and explain the differences between them:


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