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Bert and Ernie go fishing

0:09 BERT: (SIGHS) Oh, gee, Ernie.
0:13 An hour on this lake and not one bite.
0:15 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
0:16 BERT: Where are all the fishes?
0:18 ERNIE: Well, they're down there, Bert.
0:20 BERT: They are?
0:20 ERNIE: Sure.
0:21 If you'd like, I'll catch some and show you.
0:24 BERT: Oh, you will?
0:24 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
0:25 BERT: Easy as that?
0:25 ERNIE: Sure.
0:26 BERT: Ha!
0:26 OK, here's a pole.
0:27 Go ahead, show me.
0:28 ERNIE: Oh, I don't need a fishing pole, Bert.
0:30 BERT: What?
0:30 ERNIE: Mm-mm.
0:31 BERT: Well, how are you going to catch all these fishes
0:34 without a fishing pole?
0:36 ERNIE: Oh, you see, I call them.
0:38 I have this special fish call.
0:40 And they come right into the boat.
0:42 BERT: Oh, they do?
0:43 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
0:44 BERT: You call them?
0:45 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
0:46 BERT: (LAUGHS) He calls them.
0:49 (LAUGHS) That's rich.
0:51 This I got to see.
0:51 Go ahead.
0:52 ERNIE: Sure.
0:52 Well--
0:52 BERT: Call them.
0:53 ERNIE: --you see, Bert, I have to call them
0:54 really loud, though--
0:55 BERT: Yeah.
0:55 ERNIE: --so they can hear.
0:56 BERT: Yeah.
0:56 ERNIE: You know, the fish are under the water?
0:58 BERT: Sure.
0:58 ERNIE: And so you have to call real loud so they can hear you
1:00 through the water, you know?
1:01 BERT: Sure.
1:01 Sure.
1:02 ERNIE: OK.
1:02 BERT: Go ahead.
1:03 ERNIE: I call them like this.
1:07 fishy, fishy, fishy!
1:11 Found one fish.
1:13 BERT: Wow.
1:13 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
1:14 I think I'll call a few more.
1:16 (LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!
1:21 Two fish.
1:23 Shall I call a few more, Bert?
1:24 BERT: Yeah, yeah.
1:24 How do you do that?
1:25 Yeah, yeah.
1:26 ERNIE: Well, just like this.
1:28 (LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!
1:32 Three fish, four fish, five fish.
1:36 BERT: Wow.
1:37 Ernie, that's terrific.
1:39 Let me try, OK?
1:40 ERNIE: Sure.
1:40 BERT: How do I do it?
1:41 ERNIE: Just make sure you call real loud, Bert.
1:43 BERT: OK.
1:43 Just real loud.
1:44 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
1:44 BERT: Got it.
1:45 OK.
1:45 Here we go. (CLEARS THROAT) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy,
1:49 fishy, fishy.
1:50 ERNIE: No, Bert.
1:51 BERT: What?
1:51 ERNIE: That's not loud enough.
1:52 You're calling very quiet.
1:53 BERT: Oh.
1:54 OK.
1:55 Here, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy.
1:58 ERNIE: Mm-mm.
1:58 Still too quiet.
1:59 BERT: Too quiet?
2:00 ERNIE: Mm-hmm.
2:00 BERT: OK.
2:00 Here we go now.
2:02 (LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy!
2:05 ERNIE: No, that's not loud enough, Bert.
2:07 BERT: (SIGHS) OK.
2:11 (LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy!
2:14 (GASPS) Ernie, it doesn't work for me.
2:16 I've been trying to call and call, and they
2:18 just don't come up.
2:19 ERNIE: Oh, that's the way, Bert.
2:21 See, you got it now.
2:21 You're yelling real loud.
2:23 So you have to yell just like you're yelling right now.
2:25 BERT: Yeah?
2:27 OK.
2:28 (LOUDLY) Here, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy!
2:33 SHARK: You called?
2:34 (LAUGHS)
2:37 BERT: (SIGHS) That's one for you, Bert.

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