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We have just watched a video about linear functions, now we are going to do a fill in the gaps exercise, at the end of the lesson you could find the exercise, please click on FILL IN THE GAPS button.

 Now, you should watch the video again and compare your answers.

Work in pairs, you have to give some definitions, after watching the video.

dependent variable:

independent variable:

linear function:



 Finally, there is a summary about linear function:



 A linear function is a function of the form . The graph of a linear equation is a graphic view of the set of all points that make the equation true. The graph of any linear function is a straight line. f(x)=mx+b

A linear function can be represented in two ways, standard form and slope-intercept form. Standard form is a formal way of writing a linear equation, while slope-intercept form makes the equation easier to graph. 



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