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ACTIVITY 2 (Mechanical behavior of materials)

We continue exploring the Mechanical behavior of materials watching an experience video-2 on materials.

After watching this video please read carrefully the TEXT-1, add the new vocabulary that you don't know on your glossary. Don't worry if you don't understand everything, because we are going to study this concepts in detail in the next activities

After reading the text-1 please watch the Video-3 (Stress and strain) 

1) Watch VIDEO-2 and answer this questions in pairs.

¿Why one of the two materials don't regain or restore his original shape?


2) Read the TEXT-1 and complete your vocabulary glossary


3) Watch the VIDEO-3 and answer this questions in pairs

¿Wich are the differences between stress and strain?


We will discuss and work in class all the concepts shown till now.

If you have finished and wait for your pears, you can check here how much you know about material properties, we are going to study them more in detal in the next activities.

4) QUIZ 2


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