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Transistors are electronic operators that, connected in an adequate way in a circuit, can run as a switch or as an amplifier of electric signals.


All transistors have three terminals labelled base, collector and emitter. Each of these terminals is connected to an n-type or p-type semiconductor element. In this way, depending on the base is connected with one or other the transistor will called PNP or NPN. 

The symbols of the transistor are




Activity 1. Reading.

Click on the Glossary button and read all the words that are new to you.


Activity 2. Speaking.

Select each word in bold of the text above, go to Multidict and choose the monolingual dictionary called howjsay. Listen to the sound of the word and say it aloud. Repeat each word 5 times.


Activity 3. Listening and Reading.

Now we are going to find out how works a transistor. Click on the Video button and watch the video without transcription.

After this, watch the video and also read the transcription to help you understand it and select the word that you want to know the meaning of.


Activity 4. Speaking.

In groups of four, share and answer these questions:

             Why the silicon is doped?

             How many layers does the transistor have?

             What does an NPN transistor consist of?

             Describe two applications where the transistor acts as a switch.


Well, now we are going to discuss these questions for the rest of groups. You can use these tips for speaking.

            Personal Point of View

                In my opinion …

                I think …

                I believe that …

                I would say that …


            Agreeing with an opinion

                Of course.

                Yes, I agree.


                I think so too.


            Disagreeing with an opinion

                I don’t agree with you.

                I’m not so sure about that.

                I disagree.

                I know what you mean but …


Activity 5. Exercise

Click on the Exercise button and fill in the gaps in the text.







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