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This unit is related to hike at the mountains. You are going to know how to organize a hiking bag with everything for a walking day.

Here there is a video with some vocabulary related with the main topic.

Also, you will learn to use verbs in future time using "will". On the bottom will will find a link to learn it.

                                                         BASIC OF HIKING WITH KIDS


1. One of the most important thing is WATER 

2. SUN PROTECTION to protecte our skin.

3. SUN GLASSES to protecte our eyes.

4. A HAT to protect our head.


6. FIRST AID KID. With any medication if it is necessary.

7. To bring SNACKS (like dry fruit or anything sweet)

8. To wear comfortable shoes, like TRAINERS or BOOTS

9. To bring layers like a JACKET easy to put it in or take it off.

10. To bring a RAIN COUT in case the rain.

11. It is optional to bring extra things like a CAMERA, GUIDEBOOK, BINOCULARS... (More extra material and learn the pronunciation)When you go hiking, it is important you do not leave the trial and stay together with your group.

Finally, you will see several tips:

- Always pay attention on the environment; you may see some amazing things.

- Stay on the trail. And don't go in the wood at night because you can't see the trail.

- Do not break anything in the trails and always bring a first aid kid, water and snacks.


With a simply plan and packing hiking can be a lot of fun.

 Vocabulary activities:

        Activity 1: to practice writing.

        Activity 2: to practice writing

Now, it is time to learn grammar. For that we will learn future time using "will".

Learning future "will/won't"


After that, you can practice doing some activities.

Grammar activities:

          Activity 3 fill the gaps with: will / won't or with the correct verb.

          Activity 4: to write in your own notebook: 2 afirmative sentences, 2 negative and 2 questions, also 2 sentences with contraction one afirmative and one negative.

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