This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

UNIT: Getting started with Scratch

Welcome to the Getting started with Scratch unit.

The unit has 4 lessons; you are asked to complete different activities and tasks.

Pay attention to your teacher, she/he will guide you throughout the unit and will give you instructions on how to perform the activities.

*REMEMBER: click on the "NEW VOCABULARY" button to have a list of new terms and concepts which can help you with the unit; you can also write those terms you think are important to remember.

**REMEMBER: you have to write an everyday reflection on your blog answering the following questions:



  1. First of all click on the "PADLET LINK" button. Can you write a text using all those words?

  2. Let's discover the meaning! Watch the following video and do the activities.


Activity 1. Listen to the video and complete the following text:

Computer Coding for Kids: *** ******** ******** ****.

Computers might seem very *****, but they are actually just ***** that ****** ************ very quickly and **********.
As intelligent humans, we can get them to carry out different ***** by writing ********, or lists of ************. ********* can't think.
A computer won't do anything by itself. It's up to the computer ********** to give it ************. Write a program.

You can tell a computer what to do by writing a set of very ******** ************ called a *******. Each instruction has to be ***** enough that the computer can understand it. If the instructions are *********, the computer won't behave the way you want it to.
*********** *********.

Computers can only follow ************ in a ******** they **********. It's up to the programmer to choose which language is **** for the task.
There are a huge range of *********** ********* to choose from. Each one can be used for different tasks. Here are some of the **** ******* ********* and what they are often used for:
All programs are finally converted into ******* *****, a basic ******** ******** that uses only **** and ******.


 Activity 2. Let's have a short debate about this! you can correct the activity by watching the transcription of the video.


 Activity 3. Now you can write a short text on your blog using the terms of the Padlet wall.



 What is Scratch?

 Watch the following video and do the activities.


Activity 1. Answer individually the following questions about the video. When you finish, you can compare your answers with peers to complete all the information.


Activity 2: Create your own Scratch account. Click on the "SCRATCH ACCOUNT" button to download instructions. When you finish, explore the website and open shared projects on the Scratch Community. Have fun!


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