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time for another force fact break brought to you by the
organ Forest Resources Institute today's topic
tree biology
treaties like all plants need sunlight to grow
along with water and nutrients the use the sunlight to make their
own food through photosynthesis for this process
the tree take than carbon dioxide from the air and uses it to grow bigger
and stronger releasing oxygen in the process now
you probably know the basic parts of a tree the real
truck crown and the leaves are need of
but what's going on in there inside
will show you a typical tree has five layers and its trunk
first the bark the park is like a protective jacket for the tree
under the bark is the phloem isn't a this is also known
as the in her back it transport fat and sugars
from the needles and leaves to nourish the restive the tree
next comes the cambium this is the growing part of the truck
on one side it creates new with self on the other
it creates new park
under the cambium is the sideline the violin is made above Youngwood
it's the superhighway water in nutrients from the roots to the rest to the tree
finally the heartwood this is the part to give the tree its rigid structure
although this what is technically dead the tree would have a hard time
surviving without it
as long as we're looking inside the tree take a look at a cross section of a tree
we all know you can tell the truth age by counting its range but
why do trees hampering in the spring when sunlight and water are abundant
trees grow quickly adding big new web self
it's the light part of the brain in the summer
the tree's growth slows and ads fewer and smaller South
if the dark part of the Ring together the light and dark areas
add up to one year of growth so the Rings really show you when the tree was
growing quickly
and when it was taking it easy and that's a quick look
at tree biology check out more forced back brakes
or visit Oregon
yea forests

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