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What are percentages?

Here is a familiar sign. We see it all the time, right?
This is the percentage sign and it is the subject of this short animated video.

You are excited!
It has been a year since you started saving portions of your pocket money.

Today, you carefully count your savings.
Its two hundred and seventy dollars!

Sensibly, you decide to SAVE two hundred dollars.
The rest will be spent.

So you have seventy dollars to spend.

Your hiking boots are worn out so you head out to buy a new pair.

There is a sale on, in the first shop.
This is what the sign says:

Wow, 40 percent off on the shoes you want.

You stop and think:

The shoes originally cost a hundred and twenty dollars.
There is a 40 percent discount on them.
You have 70 dollars to spend.

Can you buy these shoes?


So what is a percent ?
Lets break up the word into 2 parts, 'per' and 'cent'.
Cent means century or hundred.
So 40 percent means 40 per hundred.

Mathematically, this can be written as 40 divided by 100.

Now lets revisit the discount sign.

40 percent off a hundred and twenty dollars.

Lets change this a bit based what we just learnt. So we have:

40 divided by 100 off 120.

This 'off' word is in our way, is'nt it.

Worry not. There is a mathematical symbol for the word 'off'.
It is the multiplication symbol.

Lets change things again. Now we have:
40 divided by 100 multiplied by 120.

Lets quickly work this out.........

The result, is 48.

Wait dont get excited. This is the discount.
We have to reduce this amount from the total.

So, what you will finally pay is: One twenty minus the discount or minus forty eight.

The result is seventy two dollars!

That is two dollars more that what you planned to spend.

Do you still plan to buy the shoes ?

Go ahead, spoil yourself!

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