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The electric circuit and its components

Task 1

I want you to read text 1. Pay attention to the words in red.

Text 1: An electric circuit is a closed path in which a set of elements are connected through a wire made of a conductive material which allows electrical current to flow. The current is driven thanks to a generator of energy. This generator is usually a cell or a battery. This element is a voltage source that generates electrical energy from a chemical process inside of it.

In an electric circuit, there are some electric devices such as a light bulb, a motor, a buzzer or a heater that transform the electric energy they receive into another type of energy. Any of these devices is called a resistor. This term is used because all of these elements offer some obstruction to the current and this obstruction is defined with the term: electrical resistance.

Switches can control the pass of the current at any point of the circuit. Thus, if a switch is turned off, the current flow will stop before the switch is located in the circuit. Only when they are turned on, the circuit is completed or closed and the current can flow. And last, but not the least important, safety elements such as a fuse can be attached to a circuit in order to protect the electric devices from likely high electric currents.

Now, I want you to work on your own and create a glossary bearing in mind the terms in red and any another term you may consider. Design a table and give a brief definition of each term. You can have a look at the website included in the resources tab.


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