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Touch Art

Wellcome to the Touch Art unit.

Look around you. Everything you see that is made by humans have one thing in common: they all started out as drawings and some of them as 3D drawings. One of the best ways to communicate one’s ideas is through some form of picture, drawing or prototype.

The main purpose of this unit is to give you an introduction to 3D design. You will learn some new vocabulary related with tridimensional shapes. It’s an introduction unit so you don’t need to know technical drawing or perspective drawing previously.

Another purpose is to improve your communication skills in English, working both written and oral communication. Notably one last purpose , you will sensitize with the cultural reality of blind people.

The unit is programmed to carry out all the activities in 8 sessions.  Each session lasts 50 or 55 minutes and will be distributed as follows:

1st session

Trigger activity: Armagan, the blind artist

2nd to 4th session

Drawing in 3D: learning Tinkercad

5th session

Describing designs

6th session

Training the touch art contest: oral descriptions  of 3D objects (blindfolded)

7th session

Touch art contest: oral descriptions  of 3D objects (blindfolded)

8th session

Portfolio presentation


This unit will be assessed by a portfolio . This portfolio will collect 6 documents created to go along sessions:

    1. The text about Esref Armagan (1st session)
    2. The printed 3D drawing (2nd to 4th session)
    3. The text describing the different designs (5th session)
    4. The rubrics completed by students in the training of the touch art contest (6th session)
    5. The rubric completed by the teacher in the touch art contest (7th session)
    6. The personal text about feelings when trying to describe an object blindfolded (before 8th session)

The portfolio assessment will be made ​​by the general rubric that you can view clicking the Rubric button at the top.


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