This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Clilstore lesson: How computer programs work

First of all click on the "PADLET LINK" button. Can you write a text using all those words?

Let's discover the meaning! Watch the video and do the activities.

Activity 1. Listen to the video and complete the following text:

Computer Coding for Kids: *** ******** ******** ****.

Computers might seem very *****, but they are actually just ***** that ****** ************ very quickly and **********.
As intelligent humans, we can get them to carry out different ***** by writing ********, or lists of ************. ********* can't think.
A computer won't do anything by itself. It's up to the computer ********** to give it ************. Write a program.

You can tell a computer what to do by writing a set of very ******** ************ called a *******. Each instruction has to be ***** enough that the computer can understand it. If the instructions are *********, the computer won't behave the way you want it to.
*********** *********.

Computers can only follow ************ in a ******** they **********. It's up to the programmer to choose which language is **** for the task.
There are a huge range of *********** ********* to choose from. Each one can be used for different tasks. Here are some of the **** ******* ********* and what they are often used for:
All programs are finally converted into ******* *****, a basic ******** ******** that uses only **** and ******.


 Activity 2. Let's have a short debate about this! you can correct the activity by comparing with peers or even watching the transcription of the video.


 Activity 3. Now you can write a short text on your blog using the terms of the Padlet wall.



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