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Touch art: 2nd to 4th session

From 2nd to 4th session you have to work individually. You must design a 3D version of one of the Armagan's paintings.

To design this version you will use Tinkercad . There is a video tutorial about Tinkercad on the bottom of this page.

The teacher have selected nine Armagan's paintings to make the task easier. There are this nine pictures:

Armagan's paintings

Now you should to convert the painting in a 3D design using Tinkercad. How will you make it?

You must to review the video tutorial of Tinkercad first to all. 

When you have finished the design you should save it in a file with STL format. To do this task you should to open the 'Save to 3D printing' tab and select the STL format.

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