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The energy on our planet

Hello! Welcome to the "Energy on our planet" unit:


  1. Why is Earth getting warmer?
  2. So what if Earth gets a tiny bit warmer?
  3. How can son little warming cause so much melting?
  4. How does climate change affect other species?



Do this test about issues they have learned during the unit:



Spice up your next trip on the road by searching for things that are good for the environment or that can hell to reduce climate change.

Eco-tip: Put your cards into a clear plastic sleeve and mark it with a dry-erase marker. That way you can use the cards over and over again without using too much paper.





Then, with all the class, discuss why are this things good for our planet.



 Bike lanes: Bike lanes encourage people to ride bikes. Riding bikes, unlike driving cars, does not add planet-warming greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

 Bus: For every person on a bus, it’s one less car on the road. Cars and the gas they burn add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, which contribute to global warming.

 Clothes line: Electric driers use a lot of energy-energy that likely comes from burning fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases. It doesn’t use any energy to just throw your clothes on a clothesline and wait for them to dry!

 Mug: All that paper to make those disposable coffee cups has to come from somewhere. Those trees that were cut to make the cup could be sucking greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Use a reusable mug when you can!


                  See you in the next unit!

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