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Unit 10


Recording and editing a video (lesson 1)


The aim of the teaching unit is to record a commercial video in groups of four people. In the first lesson the students will see two commercials examples and after that they will discuss and analize them.

In order to help you with the new vocabulary, if you look on top of the window you can see a button with the key vocabulary.

And for futher information you also can press in the buttons "How recording" or "How editing" to start to plan the project.

Warm up activity.

 Watch to this commercials examples.

Coca-cola (2014)




Change your body (2014)



After watch the two commercials the students will disscuss about this topics:


-What do you know about record and edit a video?

-What is the aim of each commercial?

-Can you analize the structure?

-What do you think about the content,the characters, music, stage, furniture?

-Which is the message of the commercial?

-How we can do the project?

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