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Giraffes Can't Dance

Activity 1: Listen

Activity 2: Listen again and complete the tale these words

knees, animal, giraffe, sad, tango, lions

Gerald was a tall _________
Whose neck was long and slim,
But his knees were awfully bandy
And his leg were rather thin

He was very good at standing still
And munching shoots off trees,
But when he tried to run around
He buckled at the _________.

Now every year in Africa
They hold a Jungle Dance,
Where every single _________
Turns up to skip and prance.

And this year when the day arrived
Poor Gerald felt to _________,
Because when it came to dancing
He was really very bad.

The warthogs started waltzing
And the rhinos rock 'n' rolled.
The lions danced a ________
Which was elegant and bold.

The chimps all did a cha-cha
With a very Latin feel
And eight baboons then teamed up
For a splendid Scottish reel.

Gerald swallowed bravely
As he walked towards the floor,
But the ________ saw him coming
And they soon began to roar.


Activity 3: Giraffe Rhyme

The Giraffe 
Author Unknown

Of all the animals in the zoo, 
I am the tallest. That is true. 
Who am I? I am the giraffe. 
I am brown and white with a little red, 
And I have two knobs on the top of my head. 
Who am I? I am a giraffe. 
My neck is long, I am very tall, 
But I don't have very much voice at all. 
Who am I? I am a giraffe. 
I have one big ear on each side of my head. 
High up in the air is where I am fed. 
Who am I? I am a giraffe. 
I walk right up to the tallest tree. 
And I eat the leaves that are good for me. 
Who am I? I am a giraffe.



Activity 4: Wild animals. Look and read the name of animals.




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