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Development, globalization, convergence and poverty

1/ Contextualization

Course                 Introduction to the Economy.

                               1st course Baccalaureate

Chapter               nº 15 – Growth and Development.

Chapter topics                 Introduction to concepts and analysis of the factors that explain the differences in growth and development between countries and the initiatives to promote the development

Lesson                 nº 3 – Development, globalization, convergence and poverty.

Lesson topics                   Definition of globalization and main factors affecting it (positively and negatively), definition of U.N. Millennium goals and analysis of performance, definition of poverty and extreme poverty, initiatives to promote development and equality, analysis of sustainability and environmental policies.

2/ Activities

2.1/Previous knowledge of the topics


Pictures: Child labor, Deforestation, Extreme poverty, International trade, Music festival held in a developed country

Class discussion:

1- Describe what you see (environment, work conditions, living conditions, welfare…)

2- Who are the people affected by this situation?

3- What consequences will it have to the local people? And to the environment? And to the world economy?

2.2/ New topics


Video Crash Course Economics #16

While watching the video, the students will take notes of the main issues.

2.1.1/Semantic network

After watching the video, the students will gather in groups of 3 to make a semantic network.

There will be a class discussion when each group will comment their conclusions to build all together a class semantic network.

2.1.2/ Role playing

The students will gather in 3 groups of 5 (1º multinational company, 2º consumers of a developed country, and 3 º workers of a developing country) in order to debate the following questions:

How to put people before profit (instead of profit before people),

How to make development to be sustainable,

How to obtain a better local development by participating in global markets.

One student will act as the moderator.

Conclusions: The moderator will make a summary of the activities performed and the main concepts learned.

3/ Assessment

The activities account for the 30% of the total marks.

The student’s participation accounts for the 15% of the total marks.

Attendance and the final exam account for 55% of the total marks.

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