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The fairy tales

I’ve designed an activity based on the fairy tales. I have included a video which incorporates listening and reading activities and also a final task of writing. In this activity is very important the collaborative aspect because students will have to create a collaborative wiki.

While listening the audio, they could be reading the transcription.

The final task is creating a wiki (Wikispaces) where there will be the extracts and analysis of some books.

This bibliographic card will contain:

- A little biography of an author of fairy tales as for example Hans Christian Andersen.

- The contemporary period of the tale.

- A glossary with the words they don’t understand. To do this glossary, students will have a list with dictionaries. They will be to write down the definition but they could also include links to have more information.

- An extract of the tale.

- Hipertextuality with other texts, pieces of arts, TV programmes, films (if it exists).







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