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Verse One
There were five pieces in one whole pie;
the denominator of the whole pie was five.
The numerator of my part was three,
as three fifths of the pie was for me.
My mom made the apple pie out of Granny Smiths.
She asked me if I liked it; I said, "I plead the fifth."

The numerator's the part,
the denominator's the whole,
and fractions are parts of a whole.

Verse Two
Three birds were on a telephone pole.
The denominator three was the group as a whole.
The numerator two -- out of the thirds --
described the two thirds that were blue birds.
The numerator two described how many were blue.
Then something fell on my head... it was bird poo.

Verse Three
I took four shots on the (soccer) goal;
three went in, but one hit the pole.
The denominator was all four shots.
The numerator was the three goals I'd got.
The other team's record had taken a toll;
I'd got three fourths of my shots and won Olympic Gold.

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