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Water Pollution

Watch the video and answer these questions:

1) Which are the main sources of water pollution?

2) Which kind of substances or agents can be considered contaminants?

3) Which effects can water pollution have on living organisms?



0:12 ever increasing problem in our society
0:14 is the introduction of pollutants into
0:17 our stormwater pollution of our
0:19 waterways occurs when foreign objects or
0:22 substances enter the drainage path
0:25 common trash such as cans bottles Cubs
0:28 cigarette butts and bags are a major
0:31 pollutant in stormwater runoff this
0:34 trash is all too commonly discarded on
0:37 our streets and then make their way into
0:39 our streams and rivers however it is not
0:44 just trash that we must concern
0:46 ourselves with our vehicles are another
0:49 major source of stormwater pollution
0:52 chemical pollutants such as oil
0:54 antifreeze detergents and cleansers can
0:58 enter into the drainage path causing
1:00 damage these chemicals flow into our
1:03 water systems and create a large threat
1:05 to the wildlife natural pollutants are
1:10 also a large cause of concern for the
1:12 pollution of our stormwater these
1:14 pollutants include such items as leaves
1:17 garden clippings and animal droppings so
1:21 why is stormwater pollution such a
1:23 serious problem sediment in the water
1:25 reduces the amount of light that
1:27 penetrates the water surface when this
1:30 occurs plants cannot get the energy they
1:32 need to grow when the plant waste decays
1:35 it takes up oxygen in the water the lack
1:38 of oxygen poses a major problem for the
1:40 survival of aquatic life bacterium can
1:44 also enter into our waterways posing a
1:46 serious health risk to people swimming
1:49 directly after a storm the majority of
1:52 time stormwater is directly deposited
1:54 into rivers or streams this runoff is
1:57 never processed by water treatment
1:59 facilities because of the non treatment
2:02 of stormwater it is very important to do
2:04 all that we can to stop pollutants from
2:06 entering into our waterways if we all
2:10 work together to ensure
2:12 that pollutants do not enter into our
2:13 stormwater the quality of life will be
2:16 better for everyone rivers lakes and
2:19 beaches will be cleaner and safer for
2:21 recreational activities the waterways
2:24 will be cleaner with less litter and
2:26 visible pollutants like common trap with
2:29 less being spent on filtering and
2:31 cleaning pollutants from the water the
2:34 financial benefits will be enormous and
2:36 more money will become available to make
2:38 the quality of our lives better

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