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Care for earth, the earth is our home.We care for our homes by keeping them clean, so how do we keep the earth clean?
We have to deal with our waste in a wise way. Waste is everything that we can't use. We throw it away .Plastic bottles soda cans and banana peels are all waste. What happens to our waste? Some things like banana peels break down, they become part of the earth again. We call them biodegradable waste. Fruits and vegetables are all biodegradable.
Apple cores orange peels and Rotten Tomatoes all break down easily and quickly. The soda can and bottles are non biodegradable it takes a long long time for them to break down.Metals and plastics are non biodegradable. To styrofoam cups rubber balls and glass jars take a long time as well which of these items will break down quickly.
Yes you are right banana peel and apple core break down quickly because they are biodegradable which ones will not break down quickly.
Absolutely right bottle and can do not break down quickly because they are non biodegradable. These non-biodegradable things can mess up our soil and water. They can harm animals and people. They pile up and take a long time to go away. In that time they can poison the ground and water. They can make us sick. What can we do about them?
There are three things we can do about them reduce reuse recycle. Reduce means to make less. We can use less of the things that don't break down easily and quickly we can borrow something that we need for a short time, we don't have to buy it, we can walk or right a bus instead of going in a car or we can ride with someone else, we can use regular plates and cups, we can avoid using paper and plastic ones, we can use our own shopping bags, we don't have to use plastic. Plastic bags take hundreds of years to break down.
We use means to use again, we can fix things instead of throwing them away. If we aren't using something we can always give it to someone else. We can give away our old toys and clothes. Cans boxes and plastic containers can be reused. We can use them to keep things in, we can put our lunches in containers not plastic bags.
Recycle means to use something old to make something else. Old cans make new cans .Old papers make new paper. Old plastic makes new toys.
We can buy things that are made of recycled materials. Let us now drag these items to their suitable containers recycling bin the trash can or the compost bin.The rotten fruits and tomato should be taken to the compost bin .The diaper and pen go to the trash can, and the newspaper bottle and soda can go to the recycle bin.
What are other ways to care for earth? We can save our natural resources. These are things in nature that we use. We use water food air plants and energy.
What are the ways we can save them? You can save water when you take a shower, try to use less water turn the water off when you're not using it. You can collect rainwater in buckets use it for watering a garden, use it for washing things outside. We can plant a garden to help the earth. We can make compost for our gardens that means collecting the plant materials you. Don't use compost helps your garden soil.
You can collect banana peels apple cores and other things in a bucket and mix it into the soil worms will help to break these things down. Worms are nature's recyclers. Did you know that trees help clean the air trees give off oxygen the gas? We need to breathe. Trees taken carbon dioxide which is not good for us. Paper comes from tree. We can use less paper, we can use both sides of a paper. This will help save some trees We can save energy in many ways, we can turn off lights when not needed, we can turn off TVs and computers when no one is using them. There are many ways you can help to take care of the earth You are the Earth's most important natural resource.
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