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Text box (cuadros de texto) and frames (marcos)

A frame is a box defined by the user which can contain text and images. The text in the frame may be formated differently from the rest of the document. And two frames can be linked in order to allow the text flow from one to the other

To create a frame

To create a frame select Inserta | Marco… and, once inserted, you can change its shape clicking and dragging its corners. You can move it clicking anywhere inside the box and dragging it to a new position.

Anchor options

In a document, the text streams up and down when you add new text or delete it. This allows for four possible ways of setting a frame position when the text moves

Linking two frames

Two frames can be linked so that when the text doesn't fit in the first, it will flow to the second. To link two frames:

  1. Select the first frame (to select it click on the frame border).

  2. Click in the icon Enlaza los marcos .

  3. Click on the second frame. Writer will draw a line between both frames, showing the link is made

To break the link, select the frame and click on the icon Desenlaza los marcos .

You only can link two frames if …:

We have only talked about two frames, however you can link three, four, five. As many as you need

Formating a frame

You can format the frame using the menu Formato | Marco… or clicking in the icon Propiedades del marco ). …

The tab tipo, sets the frame position and size, and type of anchor.

The tab options, sets the name of the frame and allows to link it with a previous and next frame. It also allows to protect the frame contents

The tab ajusta states how the text outside the frame must flow around the it, and the spacing between the extern text and the frame.

The tab contorno, sets the format of the frame borders and the spacing between the borders and the text contained in the frame.


The tab fonts is used to set the font type, and color in the frame.


Regarding the tab columnes, it allows to distributed in columns the text inside the frame.




ACTIVITY interview



















































































Apply the same style to the introductory text at the begging of the document.

































Cipria Ciscar i Gaju


Conseller de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació

Temps al càrrec:

Des del 29 de novembre de 2006


Joan Lerma i Blasco

Data de naixement:


Lloc de naixement:




The fontworks in Writer are impacting headlines using combinations of colors, special fonts, and shapes


Create a Fontwork for the interview.













Save a version of your document using File | version, and clicking later the button save version


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