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Writer provides a table creation button in the standard toolbar

Using this button you can easily create tables just dragging the cursor to the needed amount of files and columns.


There is also a tables tool bar to edit tables.

Another option is to create the table using the menu Tablas→Insertar Tabla . This is the most accurate way of creating a table since using it you can set a table name, headers, size, and if the table can be fragmented between different pages.


Use the button Formato automático to apply a predefined design to the table.



It's possible to change the style of line in the table, meaning you can change the color thickness and pattern of the lines in the whole table, or in cells, or groups of cells. Select those cells and apply one of these buttons


You can also use the tool bar to merge and split cells.


You must make the table shown in the image.























Using these texts:


  1. Select tabla | Inserta | tabla… (or click in from the standard toolbar). Set Columnas:5, Rows: 20. Click in De acuerdo.

  2. If the tablas tool bar is not visible at the bottom of the L.O. Writer window, Select the menu Visualiza | Barra de herramientas | tabla.

  3. To get the expected result, you'll have to merge some cells using the button (Fusiona las celdas) in the tablas toolbar

  4. Save a version of your document using File | version, and later clicking the button save version


  1. Insert the given texts.























  1. Use the button to align to the center vertically the text.


  1. Format the table. Let's make it easier to see at a glance how the companies are classified on it giving similar colors to the main categories. Change to white the text color in those cells with a dark color, these main categories are shown in the folowing pictures

This is the expected result. As you can see, we've used differente tones of orange blue and green for the different categories


















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