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To pay or not to pay?


This activity will explore how to distingue the different States and taxations.

The students work separately and in groups and their roles will be in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Thay can describe in simple terms aspects of his or her background , immediate environment and matters in areas  of immediate need.



By the end of this activity the students will be able to: 

  1. demostrate understanding the concept of State and taxation;
  2. distinguish different types of States an taxations;
  3. classify information  by creating a Clistore including  pictures relate;
  4. use vocabulary appropriate;
  5. use the internet to look information related to the topics       





Step 1 



Step 2 

Watch this video and answer the questions below: 


  1. What types of States is in your country?
  2. Describe the State where you live.

Step 3



  1. Describe statistics of gross income tax rates.
  2. Which country has a minimun income tax.

Step 4

 Complete this exercise


Step 5

 Watch the video and answer the questions 




This rubric includes definitions of four levels of performance for each of six areas of evaluation criteria: content, comprehension, uses complete sentences, vocabulary, speaks clearly and enthusiasm.  






 Team Work:

Omar, Gaetano, Manfredi

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