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Interview: Son, Pàdruig Morrison

Hi, I’m Pàdruig Morrison. I’m from Grimsay, I’ve been to every Grimsay Boat Day since I was, well since it started, when I was this size, and I really enjoy it. There’s lots of things to do all day, so you don’t get bored any time.

There’s plenty of competitions, which is what I tend to do. There’s quizzes and creel-stacking, and rowing races, and last year and the year before that I won the rowing races, but last year I got this shield for winning the rowing, and also at the end of the day, after the prize-giving there’s a tug of war, which is great fun.

At night there’s a big ceilidh where lots of people play, and there’s good cakes as well. And last year – I’ve been playing at most of them – uh, but last year I played with a good fiddler here, and I play the accordion. I play Scottish traditional music, and I like fast tunes.

I went out to Heisgeir in 2003, so six years ago, and there was a work party out there just restoring parts of the school. Um, and I went out with my parents, and my dad and I, we did bits in the garden. And my father and his family lived out there, eh, oh a long time ago, and eh, when they went out there they brought rhubarb from their house there, and when they returned back here after four years they brought that rhubarb back and planted it here. So then, when we went out six years ago we took some of that rhubarb back out and planted it in the garden which I’d been working in, so it keeps it going between the two.

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