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I hear my cuckoo clock and I go straight to the bathroom. I wash my face and later I have a shower. Then, I run downstairs and I have breakfast. Mum has made tons of pancakes and we have chocolate sauce. I help myself to three massive pancakes and they're delicious!

Me and Derek are walking to school and we're still trying to think of a new way to make DogZombies the best band ever. "I could ask Granddad Bob to teach me the spoons?" I suggest. "I've got some more ideas for songs," Derek tells me, which is probably a better idea. 

We get to school nice and early as neither of us can be late to class again. Surprisingly there are quite a few kids in the school grounds already. I suggest we go and sit on our bench in the park, but when we start walking towards it, Amy, Florence and Brad Galloway get there before us. 

"Morning, Tom and Derek," Amy says. "Hello," we say and sit down. "Have you forgotten then?" she adds. I don't know what Amy's talking about but I still say, "Of course not."

Derek looks at me and raises his eyebrows. "You have forgotten, haven't you?" Florence says. "It's our class's turn to do...". "Shake and Wake!" Brad Galloway tells us both. "Don't worry, we'll sit somewhere else," I tell them all. 

Derek and I get up to move. I don't want to be part of another dance. Even if it is Amy, Florence and Brad doing it. "You don't have to leave. You can be the first to learn it. You're good at Shake and Wake, Tom!" Amy laughs. "Not really. I'm fine thanks," I tell her. "You're both in for a surprise!" Brad says. "What kind of a surprise?" Derek asks. "You'll see!" Florence says. "It's really fun!" Brad tells us both. "Have you got chocolate?" I ask them all. (That's my favourite surprise.) "No. Bad lucj, Tom. You'll like it, I promise," Amy tries to assure me. Then they get ready to their Shake and Wake!

Derek and I shuffle away from the front as more kids start arriving. Then the teachers turn up and Mr Keen does his speech again about how good this is going to be. "I really don't feel like doing a crazy routine today," Derek says. "Me neither. I'm going to do as little jumping around as possible," I tell Derek.

Then the music starts coming out of the speakers...and I change my mind. They're playing DogZombies Rule! Watching the whole school dance to our song is actually quite fun. If DogZombies are going to try and be the best band in the world...this is a good start. 


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