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Jaime: "I got your letter, Peppi."

Peppi: "Do you hate me?"

Jaime: "Hate...? Wha...? ...No...

Peppi: "But I pushed you!! In front of the whole school! I'm so sorry."

Jaime: "...Oh. Yeah, That...My mom says... there are bad people who hurt others fro fun... and there are good people who do it by accident. Like, they make a mistake? I think you're a good person. You just made a mistake."

Peppi: "I don't even know what to say..."

Jaime: "...And this is really-

Jack: "Hey, look! It's nerder! And his girlfriend! What's this, nerder? Are you reading her poooooetry?" Jack reads Peppi's letter aloud. "Hi, Jaime, I should've said this a long time ago."

Peppi: "No!"

Derek: "Ha-ha! Oooh!

Peppi: "Don't read that. No! That's. Not. Yours. To read. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Jack: "Sh-shut up! Are you crazy?!"

Derek: "...A teacher's gonna hear!"

Jack: "Let's get out of here!!"

Miss Tobins: "I heard a scream!! Who was that?! What happened?! Penelope!! Are you two okay?!"

Peppi: "...I've never screamed like that before in my life. WOW. ... My throat kinda hurts."

Jaime: "That was a pretty amazing scream."

Peppi: "Do you think everyone in town heard me?"

Jaime: "I think everyone in space heard you. That was awesome vocal projection."

Peppi: "Those two are bullies."

Jaime: "Yeah..."

Peppi: "It's not okay to bully. Didn't anyone tell them? It's mean. And wrong."

Jaime: "Heh. They act tough, but... did you see their faces? When they realized a teacher might come? I've never seen them run that fast. I thought they'd break the door."

Peppi: "Ha-ha! Like a cartoon! ... or, hey! A comic strip!"

Jaime: "Ha-ha, yeah! And the last panel is just their body-shaped holes in a wall!"

Peppi: "Hahahah. Yessss. ... so, um you like comics too, huh? Bye"

Jaime: "Bye."

Peppi thought: "...This turned out to be a good day after all. I finally said I was sorry... and I think I made a friend."


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