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The Football World Cup 2018


The Football World Cup 2018 in Russia will start in next month. People are exciting about tournament. 32 National Teams, 64 matches and only one team will leave Russia with World Cup.

Many people will arrive to Russia to support theirs team's and to to celebrate this event. 


You have volunteered to help the board with advertising this event.

What are the attractions? Why people should come to see it? 



Task: Answer to yourself to the question: How can I prepare be good volunteer on the Football World Cup? 




1. You will be assigned a city using the Random Name Picker.



2. Go down to Resources and find your host city. Next you read about it.

3. Do host city attraction exercise:  



4. Watch video and answer to the questions.


5. You will have to prepare a report on the attractions / accomodation / your city.

6. You will be divided into groups of four.

7. Prepare to present your host city to the group.

8. As a group decide to work on one city.


9. Information about the event cloze test.



10. Why is your host city the best one to visit during the world cup?  

11. You will need to present your answer with reasons and justifications in.


12. Based on acquired knowledge create an advert online poster.

13. Create a slide show or film.

14. A spoken presentation with visuals.




  1. Moscow
  2. Kazan
  3. Sochi
  4. Saint Petersburg
  5. Nizny Novogorod
  6. Samara
  7. Rostov-on-Don
  8. Ekaterinburg
  9. Kaliningrad
  10. Volgograd
  11. Saransk






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