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Welcome to my kitchen

Oh my gosh, what a crazy day. And of course it’s countdown to dinnertime, so time is tight, and I am not calling for takeout. I’m Tracy Metro from The Craft Kitchens, and I’m gonna show you how to beat the clock with a few thirty-minute recipes that will add the calm back into your life. And when I say thirty minutes, I actually mean thirty minutes or less. First up is easy beef and broccoli. I’m gonna get the water going for the rice first.

So now this is really hot, and I’m now ready to put my beef in. Oh yeah, listen to that. So one thing with these kind of beef strips is that you don’t wanna crowd the pan. If you crowd the pan, they don’t get the opportunity to get brown and to kinda steam themselves.

I’m gonna add my hoisin sauce and I’m gonna add some Catalina dressing to it, and what’s nice is that the combination of the Catalina dressing and the hoisin sauce just… it’s a beautiful thing. And then I’m gonna add in the ginger. I’m gonna check in on the rice. The rice is perfectly done. Now doesn’t that look delicious?

Alright, now what’s my time? See? I told you I could do it in less than thirty minutes!

Next up is an incredibly easy chicken and stuffing dinner for when you just feel like having some comfort food, and it’s called “Our Stove Top One-Dish Chicken Skillet”. Here we go!

I’m gonna add some hot water and butter to moisten up our stuffing mix. And I think it’s time to flip my chicken. Sour cream and soup make a beautiful mixture and it’s gonna taste so yummy right on top of the chicken. Now I’m gonna add some stove top on top of the soup mixture, and honestly? What could be better than these two together?

And now I’m just gonna cover it and let it all come together.

Look at that. Beautiful. There you go! Thirty minutes.

Look for these and lots of other recipes at Howdini. I’m Tracy Metro for the Craft Kitchens and Howdini.

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