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We are discovering Bavaria!

Trip to Germany

We want to make a trip to Germany for 5 days.

You need to collect some information that we can use during this trip.


Your main task is to make a brochure for this trip.


1st stage

Watch presentation on this page (Zehn Gründe für Bayern) and the video (Reisetipps für Bayern).

Remember the name of most important places, that are mentioned there.


2nd stage

I hope you watched it carefully. Do this exercise.


3rd stage

Find some information about Bavaria on the Internet and fill in the gaps.


4th stage

Here are videos and photos of some of the tourist attractions that we can visit during our trip.

Please watch them carefully and choose five of them, which do you want to see or visit in the spring.

Calculate how much it costs.


Dresden - Gläserne Manufaktur

Regensburg - old town


Munic - Allianz Arena


Allianz Arena 360

Allianz Arena prices


BMW factory


BMW factory tour



Franziskaner factory

factory tour


Munich - old town


Benediktbeuern - monastery


Garmisch-Partenkirchen - ski jump


and the highest mountain in Germany - Zugspitze

Zugspitze Seilbahn - prices


Neuschwanstein castle




5th stage

You have already chosen five places to visit. Now it is your turn to choose another 2 places that you want to see in Bavaria. Research on the Internet and find them. Then, using Google Maps, make a map that contains name of cities, name of tourist attraction and distance to travel from point to point. When you are ready, take a screenshot and save it.


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