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Title:Norman Maclean on Friday: Gàidhlig
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Summary:On the last day, Norman is invited to turn his thoughts specifically to Gaelic and its place in people’s hearts and minds, and to Gaelic development efforts. Acknowledging the challenges the language faces in today’s world, he reflects on the complex interplay and relationships between Gaelic and English, and on various ways in which bilingualism can be viewed. In emphasising its benefits he counsels against the dangers of a monolingual “English ghetto”, colourfully invoking his own observations on the nomination campaign for the American presidential election. In contemplating bi-directional bilingualism he discusses the challenges of, and offers his own advice on, the learning of Gaelic and, in particular, the place of literacy. Finally, he relates the language issue back to the culture from which it springs, sharing personal thoughts on how his sense of belonging reinforces his sense of identity, and emphasising his own willingness and commitment to pass on his knowledge to others.
Language notes:Unscripted conversational Gaelic, with occasional quotations from the verses of songs.
Level:C2 (55)
Word count:6668
Media:video (52:25)
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