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Title:Prehistory Timeline
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Summary:Stone Age didactic unit: Initial Activity
Language notes:2:26 / 4:40 Transcripció 00:08 your personal ancestry story begins 00:14 with the shared story of our human 00:17 ancestry you and your distant cousin the 00:23 chimpanzee have a common ancestor which 00:27 lived about six and a half million years 00:29 ago we can learn about this common 00:33 ancestor by neuting what makes us 00:36 similar to chimps but many things also 00:42 distinguish us from chimpanzees like our 00:45 big brains which enable abstract 00:48 reasoning and the development of complex 00:50 languages and our Anatomy adapted to 00:54 upright walking these human traits 00:59 developed gradually over millions of 01:02 years the fossil record reveals a long 01:06 and eventful parade of human ancestors 01:10 during some periods sever that our 01:13 ancestors coexisted gradually they 01:18 became more efficient upright walkers 01:20 and later developed skulls with larger 01:24 brain cases devoted more to thinking and 01:27 less to chewing 01:31 our knowledge of the exact relationships 01:34 betwee
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