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Title:Agallamh: Agnes Rennie (Eachdraidh is Obair)
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Summary:History and work of the community trust so far. Galson Estate Trust chair Agnes Rennie outlines the background to the formation of the community trust, relates its progress to date, including purchase of the estate, and describes some of the various activities that are already carried out by board members and staff.
Language notes:Unscripted authentic speech at natural pace, exhibiting characteristic "performance errors" - false starts, pauses, repetitions, etc – giving a historical account and relating current activities and responsibilities.
Level:B2 (32)
Word count:919
Media:video ( 5:23)
Created:2012-09-10 22:00:00 UT
Changed:2013-04-19 13:25:36 UT
Licence:Creative Commons BY-SA
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