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Title:Agallamh: Agnes Rennie (Planaichean is Co-obrachadh)
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Summary:Plans and partnership of the community trust. Galson Estate Trust chair Agnes Rennie talks about future plans, and how the trust works with other groups, particularly linkage with the planned University of the Highlands and Islands through local research group Greenspace, and explains the importance attached to revenue generation through renewable energy.
Language notes:Unscripted authentic speech at natural pace, exhibiting characteristic "performance errors" - false starts, pauses, repetitions, etc – outlining future plans, and describing work practices.
Level:B2 (35)
Word count:531
Media:video ( 3:14)
Created:2012-09-10 22:00:00 UT
Changed:2013-04-19 13:26:47 UT
Licence:Creative Commons BY-SA
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