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Summary:Followers of Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices will recall the recent interview with Will Lamb about the launch of the re-edited version of Kenneth Norman Macdonald’s collection of “Puirt-à-Beul”. As part of his talk at Ceòlas Will invited some singers to give a demonstration. It went down a storm, and luckily for us, Holly Gibb recorded a video clip which is now on YouTube, and which she is happy to share with us. Talk about “Island Voices” – Rona Lightfoot, Kathleen MacInnes, and Sìneag MacIntyre sharing the stage!
Language notes:Simple metric verse - to fit a strathspey rhythm in the first tune, and a reel in the second
Level:B2 (30)
Word count:112
Media:video (?:??)
Created:2012-11-01 15:01:12 UT
Changed:2012-11-01 15:51:05 UT
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