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Maintenance and service - hybrid and EV


Maintenance and service specifically for hybrid and electrical cars

When performing a regular mileage service check on hybrid and electrical cars, the mechanic must be aware of the mechanical and electrical hazards involved.

One of the major mechanical risks is that the hybrid and electrical cars are able to drive and set in motion automatically without notice or warning.

Before servicing the drive train, the mechanic must secure the car and do one or more of the following:




The mechanic must also be aware of another major risk. Hybrid cars are able, like some normal cars with start/stop systems, to start the combustion engine automatically without notice when the ignition is turned on. This is a risk when the HV battery voltage drops

The mechanic must therefore do the following:


What to look for: Differences when servicing hybrid cars and electrical cars:

These are some of the main differences when you service a hybrid or electrical car



What to look for in diagnosis process

Like any other vehicle a hybrid or electrical car requires the right diagnostic tools and tester in order to make a service check. The procedure differs from car make to car make and the mechanic must follow the manufacturer's instructions and specifications.

When working on hybrid and electrical cars the mechanic must be aware of the following when using the diagnostic tool:


Other procedures:



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