Clilstore: Help - examples of linking to particular types of units

Any group of units which you can filter for has is a corresponding url which you can use to link directly to that particular type of unit. Here are some examples which you can adapt to your own needs.

Czech units
Catalan units
Irish units
Scottish Gaelic units
Danish units
Units written by user “caoimhinsmo”
Scots units written by user “caoimhinsmo”
Czech units less than 2 minutes (120 seconds) long
Czech units between 1 and 2 minutes long
Czech units created since the start of 2015
Czech units changed since the start of June 2015
Catalan units at level C1 and above
Catalan units with at least 1 attached file
Czech units with “bance” in the title
Gaelic units with “sloinntearachd” in the text
All units created since the start of the TOOLS project¹, sorted by number of views
Units with more than 300 (word-)clicks sorted by number of clicks

1. “All units created since the start of the TOOLS project” might seem redundant, but for technical reasons sortCol can not be used on its own, so we need to supply some other filter condition.

2015-06-28 CPD