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Found the following for fain: fain, fawin.

fain [fen]
adj. Glad, pleased, happy, content. Loving, affectionate, amorous. With the infinitive: eager, willing.
adv. Gladly, kindly, fondly, pleasantly.
v. To like, be fond of. To fawn over, to show affection for.
adv. Gladly, happily.
Compounds and phrases etc.
fainness: Affection.
fain o: Fond of.
fidge fain: To itch, to champ at the bit.
fidgin-fain: Quivering with fondness.
faw [fɑː, fɔː, N. I. faː]
n. A fall, a unit of measurement 18 fit. A mouse- or rat-trap, usually one that falls on and crushes the creature.
In measurements the singular is used as the pl. With numerals.
v. To fall. To befall. To become.
pt. fell [fɛl]
pp. fawen [fɑːn, fɔːn, N. I. faːn]
Compounds and phrases etc.
aff-faw(ins): Remnant(s), left over(s), scrap(s).
befaw [bəˈ-]: To befall. pt. befell pp. befawen
dounfaw: A downfall.
fawin [ˈfɑːɪn, ˈfɔː-, N. I. ˈfaː-]: Falling.
faw oot: To fall out, quarrel, disagree.
faw ower: To fall asleep.
faws [fɑːz, fɔːz, N. I. faːz]: Falls.
faw tae, faw til: Fall to, begin.
faw til it contracted faw til't: To begin.
faw-tae: A lean-to building, a penthouse.
infaw: The junction of two roads or rivers etc.
onfaw: Rain, snow, attack, beginning.
ootfaw, ootfawin [ˈutfɑːn, -fɔːn, N. I. -faːn]: A quarrel, a falling out.
shortfaw: A shortfall.