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Word results:|01 n
A family, household :: A native people :: Natives of a country scīr n
A family, household :: People of a shire or region scīr

03.01.12|02 aj
Brightness, light :: Light, bright scīr aj
Brightness, light :: Clear, transparent scīr

03.01.14|04.02 aj
A colour :: Coloured :: (Of hue) clear, limpid scīr|03.03 aj
A colour :: White/whiteness :: White :: Brilliant white scīr|06 aj
Excellence :: Nobleness, excellence, nobility, magnificence :: Splendid, brilliant, glorious scīr

12.01.01 n
Authority scīr

12.06.02 n
District, province scīr

12.06.02|04 n
District, province :: A shire scīr

12.08.04|11 aj
Purity, moral cleanness :: Pure, whole, pure of heart scīr

14.03.03|15 aj
Law, action of the courts :: Clear, undisputed (ge)scīr|02 n
The church (as temporal/spiritual body) :: A bishop :: A bishopric, see scīr

17.02.02 n
An office, function, employment (ge)scīr

18.02.07|09 aj
Music :: Clear, melodious scīr