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Sanas Cormaic (longer version)
Sanas Cormaic (shorter version)
Dúil Dromma Cetta
O’Mulconry’s Glossary

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TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicB.89 Breth .i. fuigell. ar is fuigell neich ele inbreth ar rouc nech ele inbreth remi. p. 264a

fásach 1

TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicB.386 Fasach .i. fesosech. dober inbretheam cosmailes dacach caingin imafuiglither .i. caingen cosmail di araileatfét iarom inbreth r(on)ucsat brethemain gætha furri. Fássach din .i. fothechaid or seinchaingen frecnairc. (MARG-Rł sechaid din fo[ED.seinbreith] forsin caingin frecnairc.) p. 267b
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